US Atm Network offers ATM Services for your business across the United States.

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We have experience in placing, locating, installing, processing, vaulting and all types of ATM Services.  We even offer ATM rentals and ATM’s for special events in the Denver Metro Area.   If you are looking to get into the ATM Business give us a call we can be a tremendous resource for you with our contacts and experience.

If you have a location with good foot traffic, and or a location that takes only cash, or are getting several requests per day for an ATM then you likely have a good location for an ATM.  A general rule is that if you have a location where credit cards are taken that 3% of people will use an ATM in that location.  To make it worth the cost of an atm you really need a minimum of 2-3 transactions a day.  So working backward you will either need 100 people through your location a day if you take credit cards or you need a cash-only business.

For places that take credit cards, it can make a lot of sense to get an ATM and move to a cash-only model.  IE:  Take a bar for example.  Customer orders one drink and pays with a credit card.  The owner makes very little on the one drink and pays a large fee on a very small order.  If the Customer is required to use an ATM then the bar owner does not have the fee and she makes money on the fee.  Also, the customer has $55 left over in her pocket – now is she going to buy another drink?  Likely so.  It is a win, win, win for Atm Services!

Let us know if we can help by putting an ATM in your business, or you are looking to get into the ATM services business, US Atm Network can help.

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