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US Atm Network provides ATM processing, ATM Leasing, ATM Placement and services for businesses throughout the US.

If  you want to buy a new high quality reliable ATM machine with a 1000 note removable cassette costs approximately $2200.  Then you have to fill it.

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If you want to own your own ATM or buy an ATM there is a lot involved in the process and selection of a company that you buy your ATM from.

If you have the money and want to buy an ATM it can make sense as you will get 100% of the surcharge but it will be incumbent on you to install, program, maintain, fill and repair the machine which if it is not your primary line of business can be challenging.  Having employees carry and handle large sums of cash also may not make sense for you.     You can get used ATM’s or inferior machines much cheaper.  However, beware that older machines many times are not EMV (chip card) or otherwise compliant and can end up costing more than a new machine will after the required repairs.  Also, inferior machines have lower capacities, cheaper dispensers that malfunction (yikes!) or break down regularly.  If you want to buy a solid machine plan on $2000-$2500.  Then you have to fill it.  If you do not want to deal with it on a daily basis you have to fill it with enough money so that it does not run out.  The more you fill it with the less you have to deal with it.

Don’t try to get a cheaper ATM – you are just asking for trouble.

Really when all is said and done unless you have a very high volume location (more than 250 transactions a month) it does not make sense to own your own machine.    For most of our client’s it makes the most sense for them to simply have us install, program,service, load and maintain the ATM for them and simply collect a check at the end of the month.

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With experience installing and servicing ATM machines in businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, golf courses, music venues, laundromats, liquor and convenience stores, we offer no-cost installation, cash vaulting, 24/7 machine maintenance and monitoring and 24/7 customer care.US Atm Network provides ATM processing, placement and services for businesses throughout the US.
We share a percentage of each transaction surcharge with all of our merchants.
Many ATM installations at location similar to yours are proving profitable for their owners in addition to the customer service ~ value add where you and your staff do not have to send your guests across busy traffic to another location or have the alternate location be closed late night etc.

One of the biggest benefits over and above the surcharge split that we to point out to our clients is that 80% of the time cash is withdrawn on sight the customer makes an “add -on” purchases from you so it can really bump up your locations revenues over and above the surcharge.  The average withdraw is $70 or $80 so customers have more to spend on additional merchandise, at the bar, snack vending, tipping etc. Additionally many of our locations report a noticeable reduction in credit card fees because customers have cash in hand.

Our team provides no cost installation, cash loading and all maintenance.  We monitor all balances and operations via the internet and if there is a problem we will know about it quickly.  You and your location will have no liability for the ATM or its contents, and you will have nothing to do other than cash the checks.

Requirements for installation are a power source and a internet or phone line. Often our clients choose to share the line with an existing credit card or fax line. We are also able to connect machines directly to the internet where available and can use wifi or wireless service if necessary.

Benefits Include:

  • Customer convenience
  • Increase in traffic
  • Attraction of new customers
  • Reduction of credit card charges
The average surcharge of our machines is $3 per transaction, depending on business type and location. The total commission depends on the number of transactions per month and is a percentage of the total surcharge.
If you think your business would benefit from an ATM placement please contact us at 877-637-7770 or Sales @usatmnetwork.com